Day Tours

You're coming to Marrakesh and you want adventure? You're in Marrakesh and you want to escape the crowded Souks and palaces? One of the best things you can do while you're visiting Marrakesh is going out on a day bike ride!

We offer a range of biking day tours. Tours are open to all age ranges and abilities. Choose from a selection of day biking tours taking you into the peaceful and rustic world of the Berbers.

We have day tours for mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes or e-bikes. We’ve got all options covered giving you a great experience on or off-road! Whatever you want, you’re going to have a great time! 

Another world starts only an hour’s drive from the red city. So, join us and take a ride with our passionate guides to discover Marrakesh’s back-country.

Recreation 1/2 Day
Marrakech City Bike Tour
From 35.00 € Info

Atlas Road Bike Tour
Atlas High Roads
From 125.00 € Info

Atlas Mountain Bike Tour
Anougal (the Almond Land)
From 140.00 € Info

E-bike Day Tour
E-bike Atlas Escape
From 165.00 € Info

Atlas E-mountain Bike
Berber E-valleys Mtb Tour
From 175.00 € Info

Atlas Enduro Day Tour
Atlas Mts Single Tracks
From 190.00 € Info