Biking Morocco General Info

Biking Holidays in Morocco General Info

Is Morocco on your bucket list? There is no better way to see our country than from a bicycle saddle!

If you’re set for a two-wheeled adventure, our Biking General Info will help to answer your general questions. We’re a friendly bunch and we want to make sure you have the best experience with us. So, if there’s a question you have that’s not on our General Information, just contact us. We’ll get back to you with an answer as quickly as we can!

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Morocco?

If you are a passport holder of one of the following countries you’re lucky enough not to need a visa to enter Morocco:

United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU), Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, USA, Scandinavian Countries, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, South Korea, Singapore.

While you don’t need a visa to enter Morocco, you will need to be able to show a valid passport (a valid passport is the only accepted form of ID). Your passport must have a minimum of 3 months validity beyond the duration of your stay in Morocco for you to be allowed into the country.

If you are not a passport holder from any of the above countries, you will require a visa to enter Morocco.

Everyone who wants to enter Morocco must also be able to show that you have a return flight booked. And, be able to show that you have accommodation booked for the duration of your stay. Customs will not accept that you are staying with a friend.

While we do everything we can to keep up to date on entry requirements into Morocco, we would still advise that you check the requirements with your local governments to ensure that you are allowed to come visit us!

How Can I Fly to Marrakesh?

Marrakesh Menara is an international airport that is just a few kilometers outside of the city.

Marrakesh Menara is serviced by many airlines from many different countries.

When you arrive at the airport, your guide or a member of our team will be there to welcome you. We will help you with your luggage and will drive you to your accommodation.

When you have checked into your accommodation, your MAROC NATURE guide or representative will give you a quick brief. In the brief, they will provide you with some essential information about Marrakesh and the country in general. Our guides know the city well, so use the opportunity to ask questions.

Do I Need Insurance for My Trip?

Yes! MAROC NATURE does NOT sell travel insurance!

When you book your biking or multi-activity trip with us, please make sure that you have the right travel insurance for adventure activities.

In order to participate on our tours, you must show that you have sufficient and valid insurance. Your insurance policy MUST cover you for the following:

  • Overseas medical costs, including in and outpatient hospital care

  • Emergency medical transport to the nearest most suitable medical facility

  • Repatriation home.

Can I Really do a Tour with MAROC NATURE?

MAROC NATURE’s guides and representatives will do their best to make sure you are equipped, fed and watered for your experience.

It is up to you to make sure you have the fitness required for the activity you have booked with us. You also must ensure you come dressed for different types of weather. Yes, Morocco does get very hot and we are very lucky to have such beautiful weather. But, the temperature can get very hot.

Also, it snows in Morocco! So, you’ll want to take this into consideration when thinking about clothes to bring on your tour. You’ll be outdoors in the elements for long periods of time and you want to remain comfortable.

The other thing we’d advise you do is look at the tour that you’re booking. When booking the tour, make sure you are comfortable with the following factors:

  • Terrain

  • Altitude

  • Ascent

  • Descent

  • Mileage per day

  • Average hours per day

Our Team

The MAROC NATURE/Atlas Sport team is a blend of biking addicts, experienced outdoor guides and knowledgeable travel consultants.

Everyone who works for MAROC NATURE or Atlas Sport is from Morocco. We know the country and terrain very well after so many years of leading and organizing top quality tours.

Our strengths:

We are constantly updating our knowledge on the terrain and areas as they change. We do this to ensure that we can bring you to the most authentic parts of Morocco.

During the last two decades we have built strong and respectful relationships with villagers, lodges, guides and drivers. Again, this has been key to us as having these relationships means we can provide you with a better experience.

With years of experience operating tours through Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara we can offer you an action packed tour with authentic experiences. Ultimately, this boils down to you having a great experience discovering our home and beautiful Morocco.

Lodging and Food

The quality of accommodations on our bike tours varies from very basic mountain huts (“Gite”), bivouacs under tents, character guest houses and luxury hotels and lodges.

In remote valleys, we mainly camp or stay in “Gites”. A “Gite” is a basic, local house occupied by Berbers. Staying in a “Gite”, a Berber family will provide us with 1 or 2 rooms for sleeping and a hot shower. This is quite an experience to get to see how life operates in these small, tight knit communities.

While camping, all equipment including good igloo tents and mattresses are provided. Note, please bring your own sleeping bag!

We can assure you that the food you’ll be eating on the trip is good and varied! Moroccans love food! But, only good quality food. We grow delicious fruits and vegetables in Morocco and spend many hours with families and friends over food.

Our chefs will prepare delicious local meals like tagine and couscous. And, of course, there will be plenty of our famous mint tea (its nickname is ‘Moroccan Whiskey’) to sip without moderation!

We also recommend bringing a box of energy bars with you (very helpful before tough climbs!).

Please let us know when you book if you have any special dietary requirements.

For our Luxury Tours, we design the biking tours with the best hotels and restaurants in the area to offer high-end bikes, top-notch amenities, cuisine and service.

I’ve Had a Great Time in Morocco and Now I Don’t Want to Leave!

Morocco is a very beautiful and exciting country. No one will blame you if you want to stay a little longer!

If you’re having a great time in Morocco, let us know. We will be very happy to arrange accommodation, transport, itinerary, or any ground services.

Don’t forget, though, please consult your visa or your country of origin on how long you’re allowed to stay in Morocco without getting into trouble.


Over What Months Does the Cycling Season Run in Morocco?

Morocco’s biking season is quite long compared to Europe and North America. Also, our cycling season runs across the winter time in Europe and North America! So, if you’ve had a great season or not enough of a season and want to keep cycling, come to Morocco!

Our season runs from September to May. From June to August, it’s really too hot in Morocco to be cycling - aside from our high altitude tours, where the temperature is cooler.

What Assistance is Provided on a MAROC NATURE Tour?

All of our tours are fully supported.

We have a support 4x4 vehicle and minibus following behind for most of the time. When we get off-road, riding trails and single-track, the 4x4 and minibus will meet up with us at short intervals where they can. So, if your legs are having a day off you can hop into the minibus for a rest.

On some hike-a-bike sections and Enduro tours, we use mules as bike lifts for certain stages.

What do I Have to Carry with Me During the Day?

Just the essentials! MAROC NATURE would recommend that you take a day backpack with a camel bag for water, your phone (and camera if you prefer taking photos on camera), sunscreen and a windproof jacket.

Your guide will give you more accurate suggestions on what to bring while you’re out on your tour (i.e. the daily forecast says it’ll be a mild day with a little rain, so they may suggest some layers to help you stay comfortable).

Your main luggage will be securely transported to the next hotel or camp in the minibus by MAROC NATURE.

What Requirements Does MAROC NATURE Have for Bikes and Equipment?

Everyone who comes on a MAROC NATURE tour is required to have their bikes in excellent working order before the tour begins. The terrain can be unforgiving and we just want you and your bike to stay in one piece through your time with us. We’re just looking out for you!

If you want to rent one of our bikes, our bikes are regularly serviced. We are the official dealer of Cannondale bikes. We have a large fleet of bikes to choose from. Everything from road, MTB, gravel and e-bikes.You can see what we stock here.

Also, our guides/ mechanics will have spare parts on hand if there’s a fault. It is easier for us to fix issues if you’re riding a Cannondale bike. Many bike manufacturers make components and tools that are only compatible with their brands and we can’t carry everything. We will try our best to get you back up and rolling if you do have any issues with your bike, though.

We do also require that you bring the following:

  • A serviceable bike helmet (helmets should be changed every three years. Please do not come with your child’s bike helmet from the early 90’s that you dug out of the shed).

  • Good riding/ walking shoes.

  • Gloves and clothing layers suitable for all types of weather.

  • A small mechanical kit that includes extra brake pads, tubes, tire patching kit, extra cleats for shoes and any other parts specific to your bike.

How do I book a Tour with MAROC NATURE?

Booking a tour with us is simple!

You can email us at or phone us at +212 5 24 44 70 19 to book. Also, if you have any questions or anything you wish to discuss, we’re happy to talk with you through email or over the phone.

Then, fill out our secure online registration form on our website. Please take the time to read and digest our General Terms and Conditions. There’s information in there on what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Also, we outline our refund policy in the General Terms & Conditions.

We do require a 30% deposit to be paid for us to secure your tour booking. Once we receive your deposit, we’ll lock in your booking and send you detailed pre-departure information. We also send you your confirmation invoice with instructions for payment of the outstanding balance and when you should pay it.