Road Bike

If you are thinking about a road cycling holiday, make sure Morocco is top of your list. Morocco is one of the world's best destinations for biking!

Located in the North-west of Africa, Morocco is both exotic and alluring. Through the centuries, an unexpected mosaic of cultures have emerged making our beautiful country very colorful. And, of course, there are amazing landscapes to drink in from mountain ranges to the Sahara Desert.

The valleys and majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains are linked by an increasing number of well-paved roadways. On these quiet back-country roads, you will be totally immersed in incredible and unbelievable scenery. Hopefully, the beauty helps you to forget the pain as there are also some incredibly challenging climbs throughout the mountain range.

Over the last 10 years we’ve been operating bike tours in the mountains, we’ve explored and catalogued the best road surfaces and sections. We’ve put together a number of routes for riders of all levels.

Our road biking tours are fully supported. You'll have an experienced guide directing and looking out for you. Our vehicles will bring you to the mountains, stay all day and bring you back to the city tired and awestruck. The only thing you have to focus on is your ride and enjoying the scenery around you!

Throughout your biking adventure with us, you will taste Morocco’s world-famous cuisine. Also, you will experience a variety of authentic accommodation from basic gites (a basic, local house occupied by Berbers) to charming guest houses and Riads.

Coming to Morocco for a cycling holiday, you will come away a better cyclist with unparalleled experiences. We have a fascinating tapestry of cultures and Morocco’s hospitality is legendary.

Gravel Bike
Agafay Desert Adventure
From 165.00 € Info

Atlas Road Cycling - 5 Days
Atlas Of Marrakech
From 395.00 € Info

Morocco Road Bike - 10 Days
Atlas To Atlantic
From 890.00 € Info

Morocco Cycling Holiday - 12 Days
Atlas To Sahara Grand Tour
From 1140.00 € Info

Ebike - 15 Days
South Morocco E-bike Tour
From 1690.00 € Info